: Established on the 24th October 1969, presently a leading manufacturer and distributor of leather product varieties i.e. travel luggage, lady handbags, wallets and fashion belts under quality oriented.
: Originated factory of 200 square meters and 12 starting employees
: In 1974, in order to cope with business growth, second relocation had been made to the expanded premise of 1000 square meters with 40 employees
: 1980; new office building had been designed and constructed at present location, provided 7000 square meters and 250 employees
: Recently in 1997, additional expansion has been accomplished in order to rise up facility spaces to 10000 square meters with 350 persons of skilled workmanship labors, professional sale forces and supporting administration staff
Marketing Policies
Target classification : the company has classified the customers into 3 target groups as followed
Group A :
High rank (grade A) department stores, emphasize on modern fashioned goods, top selected products through leading imported brand under authorized distribution of the company
Group B :
Discount Stores which the company has clearly classified the brands and goods from Group a customers
Group C :
General shops, parlors and sales units with relevant placing of product positioning in the market, included obsolete and minor defected goods
Post-Purchase Service : With philosophy of loyalty to the products and the clients, post purchase service has been promoted in order to create good impression. Should and item of products be defected during the normal sue period-not longer than 1 year from the purchase date, free repair service will be offered to the clients.

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